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October 5, 2003 by Xerraire
Create a scene that features a mighty, imposing, majestic mountain (or mountain range). You are free to use any terrain, including DEM's and terrains generated with applications such as World Machine. But remember, we're not just looking for little hills or your local backyard lookout. The bigger the better! Think Mt. Rainier, Mt. Everest, Mt. Fuji, or Mt. Kilamanjaro (although, again, you are free to use terrains you have created
yourself, and they need not represent any actual place).

As a...
September 21, 2003 by Xerraire
Our forums are staffed by helpful, friendly moderators and are full of other interesting and talented Terragen artists, just like you. We welcome users of all skill levels, and we even have a team dedicated to answering your tough Terragen questions. Remember, the forums have been reset for V2, so don't hesitate to post just because there aren't many messages yet. As a member you're also offered a personal file storage area that increases in size as you contribute to the community. Your file sto...
August 11, 2003 by Xerraire
1. Images must be new work, made for this contest, or not shown previously in other galleries or contests.
2. Post processig is allowed. You may do any type of post processing you like, but it must still be recognizable as a Terragen image, and be appropriate for a Terragen-focused contest.
3. The image should be your best attempt at fantasy, whatever your vision of that may be. The theme will not be judged harshly, but we're generally not looking for DEM images of Mt. Rainier on a sun...
August 9, 2003 by Xerraire
At Ashundar they have downloads, tutorials, links, contests, galleries and much more. Everyone is welcome to sign up for an account and join! This proccess only takes about 1 minute and is completely free. Afterwards, feel free to submit links to your own sites so that other users may check your art page.

They also have the forums setup for everyone to ask their members for help or just general chit chat. They love tough questions and discussing Terragen tips and techniques here, as well as f...
August 2, 2003 by Xerraire
Believe it or not, top site lists really work for generating traffic to your website.

Chaz of ArtUproar asked his memebers one day for some ideas on how to attract more visitors to AU. Having a lot of success with a top site lists for my site for MXskinz.com, I suggested Chaz code and start a top site list of his own, which he did.

The toplist updates showing the new hits in and out almost immediately and resets itself every Saturday night. (Eastern US time). Efforts have been made to dis...